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Frying it in the kitchen

If you're looking to upgrade your kitchen cookware, GOURMEX offers a selection of professional-grade saucepans and frying pans that are sure to take any dish up a notch. Our industry-leading technology produces even heat distribution for optimal cooking results, which is what every at-home chef strives for. Additionally, these Gourmex pans are conveniently built with ergonomic handles that provide a perfect weight and balance when you want to sauté or sear on the stovetop. Moreover, they are fabricated from stainless steel, cast iron, or cast aluminum and come with our warranty, so you don’t have to worry about them wearing out anytime soon. GOURMEX has pioneered the way in revolutionizing how food is cooked and setting new standards in cookware - make us your preferred go-to choice today!


Manual pasta maker

It matters not if you choose to prepare wide fettuccine for dinner or narrow spaghetti for a salad. This pasta maker has a double cutter head attachment for you to choose your width preference. And if you are having both in mind with one large dough, go ahead and change the setting, easy and quick.

GOURMEX 28cm Induction Grill Pan, Black, with Nonstick Coating
GOURMEX 28cm Induction Fry Pan, Black, With Nonstick Coating
GOURMEX 32cm Large Induction Fry Pan, Black, With Nonstick Coating

Pan insert

Non-stick roasting rack

Use as a cooling rack for a steak coming off a BBQ or grill, when you want to keep the crisp while waiting for the steak to absorb the juices. The baking rack is safe for cast iron, stainless steel, non stick, glass, and enameled pans, the bacon rack is coated with food safe, nonstick coating, which is PTFE free.

Our Story


GOURMEX is a trusted brand of high-quality cooking products. Gourmex provides solutions to all your cooking problems with a range that includes everything from pans and pots to baking dishes and disposables. Gourmex strives to make homemaking easy and fun, while still providing professional-grade kitchenware that meets industry standards. Gourmex is committed to producing quality products as well as promoting a safe and healthy cooking environment. With Gourmex, you can be sure that your culinary creation will come out perfect every time!



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